Acer/ 19V 3.42A 65W 3.0*1.1mm Notebook Adapter

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Acer/ 19V 3.42A 65W 3.0*1.1mm Notebook Adapter

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Acer/LiteOn 19V 3.42A 65W 3.0*1.1mm AC Adapter or Charger For Acer S5 S7, ASPIRE S5-391, ASPIRE S7-391, ICONIA W700P laptop
DC Connector Type
General port
DC Connector Size
3,0/1,0 mm
AC Input
100V – 240V~0.6A
DC Output
19V — 3.42A
Compatible With
Acer Aspire One 1-132-C Cloudbook 1-131 1-132 1-431 Series Acer Aspire S3 S5 S7 Series Acer Aspire P3-131 P3-171 R5-431T R7-371T V3-371 Z3-700 Series Acer Chromebook AC710 C710 C730 C810 CB3-111 CB5-311 CB5-571 Series Acer Iconia W700 W701 W701P W710 Series Acer SA5-271 SF113-31 SP111-31 SP315-51 SW5-171 SW5-271 Series Acer TravelMate B117-M P236-M P238-M TMB118-RN X313 X349-M Series Acer Aspire P3 Ultrabook Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook Acer Aspire S5 Ultrabook Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabook Acer Aspire M W700 Acer Iconia Tab W700 Aspire S7-392 Ultrabook Acer Aspire R 14 R5-471T: R5-471T-51UN R5-471T-52EE R5-471T-71W2 R5-471T-50UD Acer Aspire R 13 R7-371T: R7-371T-5009 R7-371T-50V5 R7-371T-50ZE R7-371T-57SN R7-371T-59Q1 R7-371T-59ZK R7-371T-70KS R7-371T-70NC R7-371T-72CF R7-371T-72TC R7-371T-74UM R7-371T-762R R7-371T-76HR R7-371T-76P5 R7-371T-76UV R7-371T-78GX R7-371T-78UV R7-371T-78XG R7-371T-79TB Acer Aspire S7 S7-392, S7-393: S7-392-5401 S7-392-5410 S7-392-5454 S7-392-6411 S7-392-6425 S7-392-6484 S7-392-6803 S7-392-6807 S7-392-6832 S7-392-6845 S7-392-7837 S7-392-7863 S7-392-7885 S7-392-9404 S7-392-9439 S7-392-9460 S7-392-9466 S7-392-9890 S7-393-7451 S7-393-7616 Acer Aspire V 13 V3-331, V3-371: V3-331-P0QW V3-331-P11X V3-331-P4TE V3-371-51UJ V3-371-52GP V3-371-56R5 V3-371-57JZ V3-371-596F Acer Aspire Switch 11, 11V, 12 Alpha: SA5-271, SA5-271P, SW5-171, SW5-171P, SW5-173, SW5-271: SA5-271-39N9 SW5-171-325N SW5-171-34ZR SW5-171-39LB SW5-171-80KM SW5-171-86EE SW5-171-88JV SW5-171P-82B3 SW5-173-632W SW5-173-63DW SW5-173-648Z SW5-173-65R3 SW5-271-62X3 SW5-271-640N SW5-271-64V2 Acer Aspire One Cloudbook 11, 14: AO1-131, AO1-431: AO1-131-C1G9 AO1-131-C6DS AO1-131-C7DW AO1-131-C9PM AO1-131-C9RK AO1-431-C1FZ AO1-431-C7F9 AO1-431-C8G8 Acer Swift 3 SF314-51: SF314-51-52D Acer Spin 5 SP513-51: SP513-51-30EU, SP513-51-55ZR Acer Aspire R14 R5-471T series ac adapter
DC Cable Length
1.5 Meter
Ac Power Cable with Adapter
Product Condition
Brand New
Made in/ Assemble
1 Year (360 Days)


Laptop Charger Adapter 19V 3.42A 65W With 3.0mm x 1.0mm Charging port

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